Start from the Beginning to Learn about the Benefits of Dental Veneers from Your Hewlett NY Dentist


Porcelain veneers have become an extremely popular option for patients who want to cover their imperfections on their teeth. These thin, custom-made shells have the ability to not only hide the stains and chips on your teeth but to improve the way you feel about your smile. Below, your Hewlett NY dentist provides information regarding dental veneers, their history, if you’re an eligible candidate and more.


Like we mentioned, this cosmetic service is hand-crafted for each individual patient. We understand that no two smiles are alike, which is why we first take impressions of your teeth so the dental laboratory is able to create your veneers that are to be bonded on. Thanks to their natural-looking appearance, it’s extremely rare for friends and family to tell you’ve received cosmetic treatment – the only thing that they’ll notice is that you’re smiling more, finally comfortable with the way your teeth look.


Even though veneers have shown their massive popularity over the last couple of decades, they originated in the movie scene. In the late 1920’s, a famous dentist by the name of Dr. Charles Pincus created a form of veneers for actors and actresses’ smiles in order to improve the way they looked on the big screen. During this time, the veneers were only temporary, as Dr. Pincus didn’t have the technology to affix the porcelain so they could stay on for longer than their necessary slotted time.


In the late 1960’s, Dr. Michael Bunocore helped pioneer and work in the modern era of adhesive dentistry, creating a stronger bonding surface for dental restorations and sealants. Over twenty years later, J.R. Calamia and R.J. Simonsen enhanced Dr. Bunocore’s work with the use of porcelain veneers. From then on, everyone in Hollywood had access to the movie perfect smile that they were looking for.


Patients who are eligible candidates for dental veneers are typically looking to correct certain cosmetic dental issues, such as:

· Chips

· Cracks

· Yellow stains

· Gaps

· Minor misalignment


Once veneers are placed, they look and act just like your natural teeth, which means it’s just as important to make sure you’re taking care of them on a daily basis. To learn more about this cosmetic option to improve your smile, don’t hesitate to call your Hewlett NY dentist today at (516) 239-6204.

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