Hewlett NY Dentist Aims to End Your Ache!

A large portion of our patient population first will give us a call because they have a toothache…but not just any toothache. A tooth sensitivity that reacts to certain dietary elements, such as hot, cold, sweet, sour or spicy meals or drinks. But how do the teeth get this way? Today your Hewlett NY dentist will be discussing the causes and solutions of teeth sensitivity, which is said to affect about half of the world’s population at any given time.


So what leads to sensitivity?

While every patient’s case is different- we usually find that most sensitivity cases are due to a lifetime of eating or drinking acidic and sugary items and not maintaining a proper oral health regimen. Over time, these sugars and acids, if not cleaned away properly, can eat away at the enamel of the teeth, causing microscopic holes to form. These holes can sometimes burrow all the way to the center of the tooth, where the nerve is located.


Nerves, just like in the rest of the body, are responsible for sensation and transmitting signals to the brain. If a nerve comes into contact with a substance that is “not supposed to be there,” such as ice cream, coffee, etc. - it reacts adversely. It will send a signal to the brain that something is wrong and cause a throbbing pain in the mouth. This pain can only be stopped with proper treatment.


What can I do to end my ache?

There are a lot of products on the market that promise to end teeth sensitivity. From numbing gels to toothpaste that can fill in the microscopic holes- but all and all, these are mostly temporary solutions. We are yet to really see a product on the market that can put an end to sensitivity like our restorative dental options can.


To review your options for ending sensitivity, schedule an appointment with your Hewlett NY dentist at Smiles by Design by calling (516) 239-6204 today!

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