What is Minimally Invasive Dentistry?

Minimally invasive dentistry is also referred to as microdentistry. It is a method being used to preserve the healthy tooth structure. Dentists rely on these methods to prevent issues, remineralize the tooth and avoid dental intervention when possible. These practices allow your dentist to remove less of the tooth’s structure during procedures.
How is Minimally Invasive Dentistry Performed?
Your Hewlett, NY dentist will begin by evaluating your risk of tooth decay. Then, strategies are implemented to further prevent and reduce this risk. As an example, if your dentist finds that you have a large number of bacteria in your mouth, they can advise you to start using a particular mouthwash each day.
Some techniques that are used in minimally invasive dentistry include:
· The restoring of minerals to the teeth through remineralization. Fluoride plays can be important to remineralization.
· Sealants are made from plastic resin and can be applied to protect the teeth from decay. They are an acceptable barrier to keep the plaque and acid from eroding the teeth.
· Air abrasion is another technique used when teeth are beyond remineralization. Instead of using the drill, a tiny tool like a small sandblaster is used to stream air and a fine powder which enables the dentist to fix issues.
· Inlays or onlays are used in exchange for a crown. This means there will be less of the tooth structure removed so you can experience a complete restoration.
· Bite splints protect the teeth from grinding. This prevents damage to the tooth and bone which would otherwise not be reversible. They can be worn at night or whenever a person grinds their teeth.
Talking to Your Hewlett, NY Dentist about Minimally Invasive Procedures
Most dentists are now implementing minimally invasive procedures for their patients. To have these techniques used during your visits, it is important that you discuss the options with your dentist ahead of time. Together, the two of you can create treatment plans that will work best for your specific needs. Not all patients are a good candidate for minimally invasive procedures. In fact, you are more likely to take advantage of these if you are already taking good care of your dental health.
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