Hewlett NY Cosmetic Dentist discuss Tooth Wear

Tooth wear is a part of our life. As we grow old, our body slowly deteriorates. Our tooth often follows a normal wear. Although there is no concrete guidelines for normal wear, it is often equated with our age.


What is the normal tooth wear?


Tooth wear is the visible effect of constant biting on the tooth surface. Tooth wear often occurs when the upper and lower teeth are often grinding against each other. Because of this, it removes the substance lining around the enamel surface. Tooth wear has three phenomena which affects the acceleration of the normal wear.


But normally, it goes along as we age.  Tooth wear has three levels of tooth wear. These three levels of tooth wear often correspond to the three phenomena of tooth wear called erosion, attrition and abrasion.


Three levels of tooth wear


·         Mild Wear

This stage of tooth wear is often described as the loss and thinning of the lining around the enamel surface. Because of this, the teeth are more susceptible to chipping and fracturing on the incisal edges of the teeth.


·         Moderate Wear

Moderate wear happens when the upper front teeth  slowly become short. The decrease of the facial height of the teeth is a sign that your teeth are experiencing a normal tooth wear. Moderate wear is consequent with aging.


·         Excessive Wear

Excessive tooth wear is a result of an advancing loss of the tooth structure. It doesn’t just affect the facial height of the teeth. It also exposes a larger part of the dentin. Because of this, it causes an advancement of tooth wear. It affects both the frontal and the back part of the teeth.


Tooth wear can be stressful


Tooth wear can also be stressful. In some cases, tooth wear can cause severe pain around your mouth. It can also cause bruxism and teeth fracture and periodontal ligament problems. It is best that you visit your dentist to ensure that you are undergoing the moderate and normal tooth wear to avoid problems caused by tooth wear.


Though tooth wear is normal, it is best that you see your doctor for further inspection.  If disregarded, this can cause severe pain and excessive tooth wear which subsequently can cause severe tooth loss.

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