What are Laser Gum Lifts?

If you are someone that is concerned about the excessive gum tissue around your teeth, there might be hope in laser gum lifts. This extra tissue creates teeth that appear stubby. Underneath all that gum are beautiful teeth waiting to be revealed. 
Why Laser Gum Lifts?
There are numerous reasons people opt to have laser gum lift procedures performed. Some of the most popular reasons include:
Gums haven’t receded once permanent teeth erupted
They have a gummy smile.
There is an asymmetrical or uneven lifting of gums.
Sometimes medications cause gums to overgrow.
Often, gum lifts are necessary when veneers are placed on the teeth.
Laser Gum Lift Procedure
The procedure referred to as Gingivoplasty is quite common and easy to perform. A diode laser designed for soft tissue is the main tool used for your lift. With the help of this laser, your dentist safely lifts the gums. 
On the day of your lift, the dentist begins by marking the gum tissue. Then, sedation or anesthesia is administered while the laser enables the dentist to remove the soft tissue easily.
Advantages to Laser Gum Lifts
This treatment option isn’t just simple, but it offers many advantages for most patients. Some of these include:
Procedures are quick
The laser seals blood vessels to maintain minimal bleeding. 
There is less postoperative time needed for healing.
Most people experience minimal discomfort or complication post-operative.
With fewer bacteria as a result of the laser use, there is a smaller chance of infection.
Minimal anesthesia is needed.
It is always important for you to follow all the instructions given by the dentist. Following before, during and after protocols dramatically lowers your chances of complications. 
If you are concerned about the appearance of your smile, it might be time for you to consider laser gum lifts. When a qualified dentist performs this simple procedure, you end up with a beautiful smile designed to show off to the world. Don’t wait any longer to reveal the beauty that’s been hiding under those gums. Contact your laser dentist in Oceanside, NY today at (516) 766-0732 to schedule an appointment.
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