Hewlett NY Dentist on Toothbrush Care

Dr. Kaminer, your Hewlett NY dentist, has always made it a priority to equip his office with the absolute best, latest and greatest in dental technology. From dental lasers to cosmetic equipment to hand tools and more- all of these devices require a certain level of cleaning and maintenance to make sure they provide you, the patient, with the best smile possible at all times.


We find that many patients overlook the fact that they have one of the most powerful oral health tools out there at home: their toothbrush. This tool too requires a certain level of cleaning and maintenance to always perform its best. Today we will be discussing some tips to keep your brush germ-free and strong for every single cleaning.


-Before and after you brush your teeth, make sure to wash the head of your brush under hot water and comb a finger through the bristles. This will allow any lingering or stuck bacterial particles to be freed up and get washed away.


-Store your brush in a holder that allows it to be held upright and away from other brush heads or surfaces. Do not cover the head, allow it to air dry.


-Don’t share your brush with anyone else, even a loved one or close friend, to avoid cross-contamination.


-Replace your brush (or head of your brush, if using an electric) every 3-4 months to ensure it is as structurally sound and germ-free as can be.


Combine the above tips with regular visits to your Hewlett NY dentist Dr. Kaminer to ensure your oral health always stays at its best! Call our office at (516) 239-6204 to schedule an appointment or click here to request one today!

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