See how Your Hewlett NY Dentist Uses Laser Dentistry to Your Advantage


There are millions of people in the world who are afraid of dentistry because of the sharp tools and assumption that they’ll be dealing with excruciating pain. These harmful fears stop potential patients from receiving the proper dental care that they need and, in result, suffer from poor oral health, along with a higher number of risks for your overall health, too. Here at the office of your Hewlett NY dentist, we offer laser dentistry, a futuristic and beneficial way to treat dental issues efficiently and safely.


Laser dentistry can sound just as scary as the rest, but it’s progression within the field has provided faster, easier, and safer ways to eliminate dental problems. We use a number of different tools to fight against bacteria, cavities, and more. Learn more about them below:


DIAGNOdent Laser
Early detection is the main key to a healthy smile and preventing the possibility of serious diseases or infections. With this laser, we have the ability to detect any signs of tooth decay in its earliest form, also known as demineralization. Even if the demineralization starts to turn into the beginnings of a cavity, the laser has the ability to remove and treat the area before it fully forms. Sometimes, a filling isn’t even necessary! It’s safe for patients of all ages, non-invasive, and eliminates any sort of needles.


BioLase WaterlaseMD
This dental tool has the ability to change the way you feel about extensive dental work. As a placement for a traditional dental drill, WaterlaseMD works alongside procedures like fillings, crowns, and veneers. The best part is, there’s no vibrating sensation, no loud or worrying sounds, and no uncomfortable heat that will make a patient uneasy. We can even perform work for periodontal treatment, protecting your gums from continuing to suffer.


Please feel free to learn more about our available laser dentistry by clicking here and give your Hewlett NY dentist a call at (516) 239-6204 today to schedule an appointment.

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