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If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for teeth whitening in Hewlett NY there are some important things to know. If you are not properly prepared for the procedure it may cause you pain and discomfort.


First-off, it is important to take care of any oral issues before you have a teeth whitening procedure. Failure to do so may cause more irritation to an infected area, and it can cause more pain and discomfort. Whether you have a cracked tooth, tooth decay, periodontal problems, etc. it is important to get those taken care of prior to teeth whitening.


You should schedule a regular checkup with your dentist before a tooth whitening procedure. During the checkup, your dentist can determine if whitening treatments will work for your situation, as well as which treatment is best.


Often people spend a lot of money on whitening products and methods that do not work. You can avoid doing this is you visit your dentist first, this way your dentist can determine the cause for the discoloration. Unfortunately, whitening treatments only work on natural tooth enamel and will not help to whiten crowns, fillings, and other dental structures.


It is extremely important to visit your dentist prior to teeth whitening. Not doing so can result in damage to the soft tissues of your mouth and can cause extreme pain, discomfort, and sensitivity. Even if you are just going to try an at-home whitening kit, you should still visit your dentist prior.


To learn about our in-office teeth whitening kits at Smiles by Design, call (516) 239-6204 or click here to schedule an appointment. 


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