Quit Smoking for Your Dental Health

Are you longing for one more reason to quit smoking? Other than taking care of your overall health, keeping your teeth intact should be one to add to the list.
Symptoms Caused by Smoking
There are many ailments that smokers tend to suffer from on a regular basis. Some of these include:
Periodontal or gum disease
Bad breath
Inflammation of the salivary glands
Tooth discoloration
Increased buildup of plaque and tartar 
White patches in the mouth
Increased loss of bone 
Delayed healing of dental procedures
Lower success rate of dental implant procedures
Oral cancer
In extreme cases, smokers will suffer from serious periodontal diseases. This infection invades the tissue that supports the teeth. Once this goes untreated, the tooth that is affected will lose support and fall out.
How About Pipes and Cigars?
Just like cigarettes, pipes and cigars can lead to oral health problems as well. Cigar smokers can suffer from tooth and bone loss at the same rate as cigarette smokers. Pipe and cigar smokers are also at risk for various mouth cancers.
In addition, some ailments that can be suffered include bad breath and increased risk of gum disease.
Ways to Quit Smoking
The time has come to say goodbye to this habit that is destroying your body and your teeth. Here are some steps you can take to quit once and for all.
Nicotine gum and patches
Prescription drugs to curb desire
Smoking cessation classes
Support groups
Chewing sugarless gum
Snacking on healthy foods like vegetables
Taking up a new hobby like sewing
After you quit smoking, the dentist can help you to perfect that new smile. You can take part in teeth whitening procedures to remove those stains caused by smoking. In addition, there are procedures to help with any existing gum disease that was caused by your bad habit.
Be sure you call your Hewlett, NY cosmetic dentist and make an appointment today. You can discuss ways to quit smoking as well as prepare a plan for after your achieved success. Looking forward to achieving a white smile again might be the motivation you need to change your life.
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