Prexion 3D CBCT scan, Smiles by Design

Diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. To stay at the cutting edge of dentistry, our Hewlett office now has a  Prexion 3D CBCT machine. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a digital radiographic exam that is more precise than any other radiographic test in dentistry. It is extremely useful in root canal treatment, periodontal procedures, extractions, and implant dentistry. Consider this device to be a dental version of a CAT scan.


All phases of implant treatment can now be done in our offices, from treatment planning, to taking CT images, to placing the implant and a beautiful restoration that matches your other teeth.


CBCT is simple for the patient. You'll stand in place and listen to simple instructions. The process is painless and safe, even for children. The CBCT machine plays music while it scans you, for your listening pleasure. CT scans emit less radiation than all other forms of dental diagnostic testing. By having this machine in our Hewlett dental office, our patients in both practices have access to this incredible technology. We are proud to be one of the first and few dental practices in the US to utilize this technology. Remember, your dental health is most important to us, and we will constantly stay ahead of the curve to bring you the best dentistry has to offer.

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