Powerlase, Dr. Ron Kaminer, Smiles by Design


Similar to the Waterlase, this particular dental laser combines two distinct lasers for a highly efficient soft and hard tissue laser. One laser safely and effectively substitutes for the drill and can "laser drill" teeth and hard tissues with precision. The other laser is a special laser designed for soft tissue procedures like gum sculpting and advanced periodontal treatment. Powerlase is accurate and significantly reduces discomfort when compared to traditional dental drills.


Our patients report little post-procedure sensitivity with Powerlase. The unique advantage of this laser is that following even the longest of surgeries, many patients have reported that they experienced little discomfort and were able to go to work the next day.


Dr. Kaminer holds extensive experience using Powerlase. Throughout his career, he has provided instruction to dentists across the world on its safe and effective use.

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