Dr. Kaminer is one of the first dentists in America to use the smartest and brightest dental mirror in history, SmartMirror.
For centuries dentists have struggled to explore the dark oral cave with their traditional dental mirror. That is until SmartMirror, which combines powerful true color LEDs, an ultra-bright, scratch-resistant, fog-free sapphire mirror, and a self-adjusting camera. By connecting SmartMirror to an iPad or iPhone, we can explore on a bigger screen, take still photos, record video, and share the experience with you.
Share the Experience
• Have no fear. Explore alongside your dentist
• See what’s going on inside your mouth
Lighten Up the Mood
• Learn how to elevate your oral care
• Make your mouth less of a mystery
Get Comfortable
• Know your dentist is keeping a safe distance
• Sit back and watch the dental process live
SmartMirror will transform your dental experience:
• Very natural, true-color light
• Scratch-resistant, fog-free sapphire mirror
• Stills, video recording, and live streaming
• Better color matching and shading for dental implants
• Easy autoclave cleaning
SmartMirror eases the tension around dental checkups and makes it easier for everyone. Book an appointment with us at (516) 239-6204 to experience SmartMirror or ask about any other technology to make your dental experience more enjoyable.

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