Laser Dentistry

Dr Kaminer has been at the forefront of lasers in Dentistry since 1988.  Early on his research was published in numerous Dental and Medical journals and he continues to publish articles and lecture to dentists on Dental Lasers. The practice is equipped with multiple Dental lasers, each having a specific need and focus.

Our practice has seven diode lasers. Our diode dental lasers are the lasers we use for routine day to day Dentistry.  From minimally invasive gum surgeries to controlling gum disease, diodes are a versatile tool in our practice. All of our hygienists are trained in the safe and effective use of diode lasers in Periodontal therapy.  


Our Practice is equipped the Deka Co2 laser.  This state-of-the-art laser can be used for more involved gum procedures and periodontal surgery.  Because of this laser's unique properties, most procedures will be totally bloodless with little to no post-operative discomfort.


Our practice is also equipped with 2 hard tissue lasers.  These lasers are unique in that they can cut teeth, white fillings and bone. The special wavelength of these lasers very often allows for the "laser drilling" of teeth without injections.


Finally, in certain situations Dr. Kaminer also uses an Nd Yag laser. Utilizing this laser, Dr Kaminer can perform difficult gum surgery with miraculous results. By using this laser technology, most procedures leave minimal bleeding or post-operative pain and usually do not require the need for stitches.

If you have questions if laser treatments are right for you, please call the office at 516 239 6204.


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