Minimally Invasive Periodontal Treatment

With over 70 percent of our adult population affected by Periodontal disease, early diagnosis remains the best way to treat the disease. Periodontal disease occurs from several reasons but most common are genetics and poor oral hygiene leading to a buildup of tartar and bacteria under the gums.
Periodontal disease is divided into 4 stages with the earliest stage being some inflammation of the gums. One might complain the gums are bleeding but think nothing of it, as some people think that a little bleeding is normal. What if your hands bled every time you washed them? You would run to the doctor and ask what is wrong because it isn’t normal. The same holds true for your gums. Bleeding is not normal and should be addressed immediately.
As Periodontal disease progresses, we see more signs of this debilitating disease. Patients will complain not just from bleeding gums, but also from bad taste, bad breath, and food getting caught between their teeth.
In late stage, Periodontal disease, we see loosening of teeth and even loss of teeth. Think of this disease like having termites in the house. Termites eat away at wood and we do not put our foot through the floor board until it is too late. Until that time if we examined under the floor boards we would see wood shavings. The same holds true for Periodontal bacteria. Periodontal bacteria eat away at the bone that hold your teeth in place. If left untreated the result is tooth loss.
The good news is that here at Smiles By Design, Dr. Kaminer has pioneered a protocol to treat Periodontal disease in a minimally invasive fashion. The bad news is there is no cure for Periodontal disease just methods of control.
All of our hygienists in both offices are trained in early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment. The treatment protocol is customized to each and every patient but may include, In office Periodontal therapy, Diode laser treatment, Irrigating with antiseptics that kill bacteria and a home protocol called Perio Protect.
Perio Protect involves us taking impressions of your teeth that accurately depict your teeth  and gums. These impressions are used to make a custom Perio Tray that the patient can use at home with a gel inside it  in a prescribed protocol that will help reduce inflammation and control disease. Through the design of the tray these gels can get deep into the gums where rinses, water piks and floss can’t reach. This protocol has benefitted many of our patients and Dr. Kaminer has taught dentists nationwide how to treat gum disease using these proven techniques.
      Before Treatment             After Treatment                          Before Treamtent                After Treatment
Finally, the most important long term piece of the puzzle is maintenance. Frequent routine cleaning to remove buildup of plaque in and around the gums are necessary for control of disease. Recommended protocols of 3 month cleaning are necessary since bacteria want to be back on the teeth and gums in 12 weeks.
In years past, the first option after some initial therapy was Periodontal surgery. Using our proven techniques, we have been able to limit our patients need for surgery in most cases.
- View the videos below to learn more about Perio Protect:
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