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Here at Smiles by Design we value your experience as our patient. Do you still get the jitters before each dentist visit? We understand that some people are still nervous of their visits which is why both our Hewlett, NY and Oceanside, NY dental staff are trained to really help our apprehensive patients. 


Our staff at both offices are trained to listen to you, so feel free to vent to any of our staff members they will not only listen to you but offer considerate and empathetic advice as well. Our offices alo offer some traditional relaxation methods like Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) for the more extreme cases and televisions in every room to keep your mind off your appointment.


Smiles by Design now offers a new kind of relaxation treatment called NuCalmIt is a system that tricks the brain to mimic the sleep cycle, so when you are "Nucalmed," you are in a very relaxed state, but not drugged. NuCalm involves the patient taking a few amino acids (like vitamins) in the treatment room. The chewable pills consist of melatonin and other amino acids.


After chewing the tablets, you'll wear headphones that play neuro-acoustic music, and we'll place two small electrodes behind your ear. The electrodes emit a slight, painless electrical pulse, and through the combination of headphones, chewable tablets, and electric stimulation, along with a pair of dark glasses, you'll feel very relaxed. Many people fall asleep during treatment. The best part about NUCalm is, after your incredible dental visit, you'll feeling great, with no after effects at all. While this fabulous treatment may sound expensive, it is really affordable for everyone's budget. So why not call us at Smiles by Design and give NuCalm a try and get that beautiful smile you have always wanted?



Interested in learning more? Click the link below and read more about the NuCalm system.


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