Hewlett NY Dentist Discusses Loose Adult Teeth

Even though loose teeth are exciting to children, you won’t often receive the same reaction from adults. Most adults don’t want to see the tooth fairy. Here are the reasons that adults face loose teeth.
Gum Disease
This is the most common reason that adults suffer from loose teeth. As gum disease is allowed to continue, the bone surrounding your teeth disintegrates. This occurs until there’s nothing left to support your teeth. 
Once they get loose from gum disease, your chances of saving them are low. You should still get to your dentist right away to see what they can do.
If you get an infection and it becomes out of control, you might end up with an abscess. This leads to swelling and pus in the area plus it can be painful. If it forms around your tooth, it destroys your bone which leads to loose teeth. 
Abscesses are treated through root canal or extraction. Antibiotics are only a temporary solution. 
Traumatic Occlusion
Sometimes your teeth hit hard in some spots, more than others. When they receive extra pressure during chewing, sleeping or biting, you might loosen the teeth. This is referred to as traumatic occlusion. 
To treat this, you’ll want to wear a nightguard for nighttime grinding or use a wire strip. Your teeth will be stronger than they ever were before.
It’s perfectly normal to have loose teeth when you wear braces. This is a sign that your braces are working. They put pressure on your teeth so they gently move to their new location. Once they’ve arrived where they need to be, your teeth will tighten back up.
If you’ve hit your teeth, you might experience some looseness. This should tighten back up on its own, but keep a close eye on it. It’s also important that you let your dentist know about the trauma.
If you face any trouble with loose teeth, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Hewlett, NY dentist. They have the tools needed to determine the cause and help you find the best solution. Together, you might be able to save your teeth. 
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