How Is Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Related to Chronic Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is the inflammation around the tooth. It is a serious gum infection that causes damage to the bone and soft tissue that upholds the tooth. With periodontitis, the alveolar bone around your teeth is progressively lost.


Causes of Chronic Periodontitis


● Dental plaque - is a pale-yellow biofilm that forms naturally on your teeth. This plaque is being developed by bacteria that stick to your tooth's surface.

● If plaque is not removed, it hardens and turns into tartar. Tartar is even harder to remove. Tartar is also called calculus. Removing tartar from your teeth will require a professional’s help.

● Plaque can bit by bit damage your teeth and its surrounding tissues progressively. At first, you may develop gingivitis. It is an inflammation of the gum surrounding your teeth.

● Untreated gingivitis can lead to having pockets that form between your teeth and gums. Those pockets stock up bad bacteria.

● Our immune system responds to bacterial toxins and infections by destroying the tissue and bone that support the tooth in place. Sooner or later, the tooth will start to become loose and might even fall out.


With the above-mentioned causes of chronic periodontitis, we can conclude that the root of chronic periodontitis is bad oral hygiene. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) enriches the proximal migration of gastric substances, causing you to have a poor oral hygiene. GERD can certainly increase your risk of having a chronic periodontitis.


GERD is one of the major causes of chronic periodontitis in older adults. Don’t just treat periodontitis. It’s also very important to treat its causes. Your Hewlett NY Dentist, Dr. Kramer, suggests that you schedule a check-up appointment should you be experiencing any acid reflux.Visit our office and we will be able to determine if you have periodontitis. To get the best results, you should maintain a good oral hygiene. This involves brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once in a day. Also, schedule an appointment with your physician if you’ve been experiencing acid reflux.



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