Dental Implants Hewlett NY solution to missing teeth

If you already lost a tooth and had it replaced with a dental implant, then you probably realized that oral health is a big deal. It is important to research thoroughly before undertaking any alteration in your teeth. As you get accustomed to it post-surgery, you must follow through by giving it immense care to achieve complete healing and efficient functionality.


Inevitable Series of Discomfort


It is inevitable for you to feel various kinds of discomfort right after the delicate process of dental implant. To avoid unwanted occurrences during this period, you must make sure to keep your mouth clean. You can brush your teeth but do it extra carefully in the area where the implant was placed. You must also avoid high-intensity physical activity as it might cause your dental implant to bleed more than necessary. In the event that you feel nauseous, make sure to sit upright and get ample rest to help your entire body to cope up with the dental implant.


Food that You Must Avoid Eating


Aside from the above-mentioned instances, you must also take extra precaution when it comes to food. Here are the notorious types of food that you must avoid at any cost:


●       Nuts – You do not want to risk the possibility of these treats getting stuck between your dentures. Also, this is a bit difficult to chew, so put these off until your dental implant is completely healed.

●       Meat – Meat such as steak is tough to chew and as much as it is delicious, it might cause serious trouble to your implant. The force you need to break this into pieces is likely to dislodge your dental implant.

●       Seeds – Just like nuts, seeds like sunflower seeds are tricky. Avoid nibbling this kind of snack to ensure that you will not be causing an unnecessary nuisance to your implant.

●       Extremely hot or cold food or drink – It is better not to burden your dental implant with too hot or cold food as it might wreak havoc in your recovery.


During the recovery phase, it is recommended for you to intake liquids or pureed food. It is best to resist some food instead of damaging your dental implant in the long haul.

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