Hewlett, NY Dentist Shares Easy Remedies for Fresher Breath

We’ve all had moments of bad breath.  That’s why the breath mint, mouthwash and gum industries are so popular. What if you don’t have any of these things on hand? There are some other ways to get rid of bad breath fast.
Salt Water Rinse
If you want a way to freshen your breath instantly, merely mix some salt into a glass of warm water. Make sure it’s mixed well and then swish it around in your mouth. You’ll want to do this for a minimum of 30 seconds. You can also repeat again if you want to ensure it’s clean. The odor should be neutralized.
Cloves have a pleasant aroma that offer fresh breath. They also fight bacteria which causes cavities. Suck on a few cloves throughout the day and you’ll notice an improvement in your breath. Just be sure that you don’t use powdered cloves or clove oil as they can be too strong for most people and even lead to burns.
Fruits and Vegetables
Eat a crunchy snack to freshen that terrible breath. You can use a carrot, celery or apples. They act as a natural toothbrush and remove the bacteria that are stuck to your teeth. In addition, they stimulate more saliva which washes away your bad breath. 
Prevent Bad Breath
The best way to prevent bad breath is to ensure you are taking care of your oral hygiene correctly. That involves a good dental routine. 
Here are the steps you must follow to keep bad breath at bay:
Brush after each meal with fluoride toothpaste
Floss once or twice per day
Attend your regular checkups
Replace your toothbrush every few months or if it’s worn out
Brush your tongue
Clean your dental appliances and dentures thoroughly. 
Add a dental irrigator to your oral hygiene routine for extra cleaning power
If your bad breath is persistent no matter what you try, it’s time to speak with your Hewlett, NY dentist. Click here to request an appointment for a full evaluation to ensure there is nothing more serious occurring in your mouth. With proper care, you can ensure a fresh mouth and healthy teeth.
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