Hewlett NY Dentist Stresses the Importance of Periodontal Disease Evaluations to Save Your Teeth


Many patients may not know how easy it is for them to suffer from severe dental and oral health issues, including periodontal disease. While they may not think that they’ll ever be affected by it, simple ignorance like failing to brush and floss on a daily basis and contributing to a poor diet can quickly result in gum disease. Below, your Hewlett NY dentist will explain the damages that periodontitis can cause and why we find it so important to thoroughly analyze your smile.


During a comprehensive evaluation, we’ll be looking at different factors of your overall oral and dental health, including:

· Your teeth

· Your gums

· Your bite

· Your tongue

· Any plaque

· Your bone structure

· And more


The reason that a large number of patients go without treating their periodontal disease is because they don’t realize how much their teeth are in danger until it’s too late. By the time they start to suffer from and recognize symptoms, your teeth and gums are extremely infected and there is no way to reverse the disease.


Research shows that there is a large number of adults, mostly senior citizens, who suffer from periodontal disease and can result in difficulty eating, drinking, talking, and may end up with dental loss. This is why early detection is crucial and why visiting for your annual check-ups can save your smile.


Call your Hewlett NY dentist to schedule an appointment and ensure that your smile isn’t suffering from periodontal symptoms. Thorough cleanings and visits will make your teeth last for much longer and improves your overall dental and oral health. Everybody wants their smile to last for a lifetime, so let us help you! Call our Hewlett office today at (516) 239-6204.

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