Do Dentists Use Botox?

Do Dentists Use Botox?

Contrary to popular belief, Botox isn’t only used for people who only worry about their looks. Botox is a phenomenal way to help with a variety of different dental issues and disorders, but what exactly can Botox do to help you?


Edentulous Patients

Edentulous patients suffer from the repositioning of the lip muscles. Overall, Botox can help ease the strain on their lips, helping to reposition them into the appropriate place. These injections help make your smile more appealing and can help reverse some adverse symptoms of Edentulous.


Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

This is a disorder that causes the hyperactivity of muscles, especially around the mouth area. Usually, the treatment options are limited for this condition, but Botox relaxes the muscles minimizing the muscle hyperactivity overall. This is a service that helps tremendously for people with this disorder.



Bruxism is the condition of grinding your teeth, especially at night, and Botox can directly ease the muscular contractions involved in the grinding of the teeth. Botox is often used in conjunction with a night guard and additional therapy as well to ease this condition.


Botox isn’t something you may think is available in a dental office, but there are many cosmetic and disorder-based reasons to use Botox. Botox can help you with any of these disorders. If you believe you may benefit from using Botox Therapy in Long Island, feel free to reach out to schedule an appointment with us!



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