Dental Implants Oceanside NY shares the Dental Trends from around the world

Some peculiar trends in dental health keep emerging, many of which are dangerous but popular. Here are the 4 weird trends in oral hygiene. 


1)      Diamond implants

Most people believe that white teeth show the best smiles, but a jewel can also offer a spectacular look. Various celebs have been seen posting photos of their diamond teeth on social media. The teeth sparkle and are embedded on the gum to stay permanently. They are quite expensive and might bring some problems in chewing food. With a diamond tooth, one has to be extremely careful since if you bite hard substances, it might crack. It can also adversely affect the jaw since diamond is heavy.


2)      Snaggleteeth

This is the reshaping of teeth to give a younger appearance. The canines can be elongated for instance but this modification can cause increased tooth sensitivity. A reshaped tooth is weak and can break easily, and if you decide to restore your natural tooth later, the procedure is quite pricey.


3)      Tooth gap widening

Some individuals broaden the diastema (a gap between two incisors). It brings the aesthetic value of a smile but could potentially cause oral problems or even hinder the right growth of the jaw. A gap can be artificially made if it doesn’t exist naturally by making the small split wider.

4)      Crown elongation

This involves dental surgery and is a method of curing gum infections. However, it has become an aesthetic procedure. The gum tissue is taken off from a tooth to make it seem longer. The risks involved include high costs, bleeding, swelling, infections, and pain.



Maintaining a healthy and efficient dental condition is a practice that should never be neglected. The best dental trends are teeth brushing twice a day and dental flossing on a daily basis. These are routines that must stay in style forever.




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