Hewlett and Oceanside Dentists Treat Your TMJ With Botox

At Smiles by Design, our team of professionals believe that treatment of conditions such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder requires the assistance of a dedicated, experienced individual. Dr. Ron Kaminer, DDS & Dr. Melissa Rosenfield, DDS are dentists who have spent many years working with patients suffering from TMD who are ready to seek effective treatment for the pain and discomfort often associated with this condition.


While there are options such as surgery and orthodontics for patients with TMJ, one solution stands out from the rest as it provides a more immediate method for addressing headaches and jaw pain. This is the administration of Botox injections. Botox has been used for decades as a medication for reducing the contraction of muscles. When injected into the muscles around the jaw joint, it can greatly reduce the tension known for becoming problematic for patients. Dr. Ron Kaminer, DDS & Dr. Melissa Rosenfield, DDS find that the results of Botox injections for treating the pain of TMD can be enjoyed for around six months or longer. Reinjection of the medication can help patients maintain their comfort level and improve their overall quality of life when dealing with this condition.


Botox is completely safe and is FDA-approved for the use of treating TMJ/TMD. It is administered during a dental appointment by Dr. Ron Kaminer, DDS or Dr. Melissa Rosenfield, DDS. Patients often have injections done at the same time as their six-month check-ups for convenience. While resting in the dental chair, the injections are provided and patients can go about the remainder of their day without interruption.


Dr. Ron Kaminer, DDS, Dr. Melissa Rosenfield, DDS and their team have decades of experience in providing quality dental care for patients in and around the areas of Oceanside and Hewlett, NY. With two conveniently located practices and three dentists, patients can rest easy knowing they are receiving comprehensive services from professionals they know and trust. If you are interested in making an appointment to find out if Botox injections can assist you with your troublesome TMJ condition, contact the Hewlett area practice at (516) 239-6204 or the Oceanside office at (516) 766-0732. We regularly welcome new patients into our state-of-the-art facilities to learn more about all way have to offer!

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