Your Hewlett NY Dentist Explains Six Month Smile, an Orthodontic Treatment that Straightens Your Teeth in a Short Amount of Time


As you grow into adulthood and go into your 20s, 30s, and even 40s, your teeth are shifting and changing on a daily basis although you may not know it! At an older age, you may believe that it’s too late for you to receive any extensive orthodontic treatment. Wearing traditional metal braces for the standard two-year time period can hinder their social and professional lifestyle, which is why your Hewlett NY dentist offers a Six Month Smile!


Six Month Braces is an advanced and revolutionary orthodontic service for adults who feel like they’ve missed the mark on the best time receiving traditional orthodontic treatment. Patients either had to receive cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers or dental bonding to hide the parts of their smile they didn’t enjoy. Thankfully, Six Month Smile adult braces have the ability to correct the positioning of your teeth without any of the hassle that traditional metal braces offer.


Instead of having the “metal mouth” that patients fear or wearing when they think of orthodontic treatment, Six Month Smile braces are barely visible! The similarities between these services are close—there are still braces and wires being used and placed and your teeth are moving in the same fashion as they would normally. The difference is that this treatment is only focusing on the teeth that show when you smile.


The reason that adults choose Six Month Smile is for aesthetic reasons—it is to correct cosmetic issues that patients feel uncomfortable with and wish to change as soon as possible. This option of orthodontic treatment isn’t the ideal choice for patients who need an extensive service like traditional braces that corrects more than just the way your smile looks.


Most cases for this treatment takes about six months, but some patients take less time! There are times when the treatment can take up to 9 months to achieve the smile that you’ve wanted, but it’ll be worth it so you can confidently share your smile with the world!


Interested in learning more about this option? Don’t hesitate to contact your Hewlett NY dentist to schedule a consultation to see how the Six Month Smile can help you! Call our Hewlett office today at (516) 239-6204 to learn more.

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