Oceanside NY Dentist Warns Patients Not to Ignore These Signs

Just like you wouldn’t ignore a continuous fever, your Oceanside NY dentist also suggests that there are signs of oral health issues that you also shouldn’t ignore. If you notice a mouth sore, lump, or red or pale patch of skin on your tongue, cheek, or gum that is not going away, it may be a sign to get to your dentist or health professional right away. Signs like these could potentially reveal an early diagnosis of oral cancer, and the earlier it’s diagnosed the better chances for recovery are. Your Oceanside NY dentist performs regular cancer screenings during your bi-annual oral checkups, but if you notice anything unusual or out of the ordinary in between appointments, don’t hesitate to consult with us right away.
Unexplained pain or puffiness in the mouth for several days is another sign to call your Oceanside NY dentist. Typically, these symptoms are the result of an infection, decay, gum disease or cracked tooth. If left untreated, infections and decay could worsen and even lead to tooth loss, so be smart and listen to your body’s warnings.
A bad smell or taste in the mouth could just be that leftover garlic from lunch or it could mean trouble for your teeth and gums. Bad breath could potentially point to health issues like gum disease, sinusitis, throat or lung infections, tooth decay or an abscess. Call your Oceanside NY dentist if your breath is continually smelling out of the ordinary.
A fourth commonly overlooked oral health sign is a loose tooth. For children under 6, loose teeth are perfectly normal and indicate the growth of permanent teeth, but for an adult in their 40s, loose teeth often indicate the presence of periodontal or gum disease. This disease attacks the gum structures and can ultimately lead to permanent tooth loss, so call your Oceanside NY dentist immediately if you’ve noticed the loosening of your teeth.
Finally, most patients begin experiencing rear molar pain during the growth of their wisdom teeth. If you’re experiencing an unbearable amount of pain over a prolonged period of time, your wisdom teeth may be impacted. Impacted or partially erupted teeth can attract a buildup of plaque and debris, and they may even shift the alignment of your teeth you worked so hard to fix with orthodontic work. It’s important to have your Oceanside NY dentist keep an eye on those wisdom teeth coming in.
If at any time you notice something abnormal or painful going on in your mouth, please don’t hesitate to consult with your Oceanside NY dentist today. Ignoring your body’s signs and symptoms will only cause more physical and financial grief!
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