3 Signs That You Need TMJ Therapy in Hewlett, NY 


Did you know that 10 million Americans suffer from TMJ disorders? This common ailment causes pain and discomfort and can make daily living difficult. Diagnosis can be difficult, but knowing some of the signs of TMJ can help you discover whether this is the cause of your headaches and jaw pain.  


Keep reading to learn about the three most common signs that you need TMJ therapy in Hewlett, NY!  


Frequent Headaches or Migraines 


Do you frequently make up in the morning with a headache or migraine? This isn’t normal, and it may be due to something other than dehydration. However, suppose you’re suffering from headaches in the morning multiple times a week. In that case, it’s worth seeing if you’re suffering from TMD. This is because 40 percent of people who suffer from TMD experience headaches and migraines.  


Worn Teeth 


Did you know that people with TMJ also often grind or clench their teeth day and night? A misalignment of your jaw, teeth, and bite can make your teeth more worn over time. Some people will even suffer from broken or cracked teeth from clenching their teeth too hard, usually at night.  


Tinnitus or Ear Pain 


Lastly, people with TMJ may also suffer from ringing in their ears or ear pain. This pain can often be passed off as an ear infection, but if you’re also experiencing tinnitus, there is a good chance that the cause is TMJ. For this reason, make sure you speak with your doctor for a thorough examination.  


Consider TMJ Therapy in Hewlett, NY Today 


TMJ can impact the quality of your life because of the constant pain and strain on your jaws, teeth, and head. For this reason, you must speak with your doctor as soon as possible for an examination. If they determine that you have TMJ, you can then consult with your doctor on TMJ therapies. 


Ready to schedule an appointment for TMJ therapy in Hewlett, NY? Contact us today to get started!  


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